Brussels Liason Office


The ENEA Liaison Office in Brussels operates within the context of the Institutional Affairs and EU and International Relations Unit, ensuring the proactive participation of the Agency in different Italian and international associative Working Groups on several  topics of interest (The Italian Initiative Group, association representing the Italian community and its diversified interests in Brussels: business, research, innovation, services, food and agriculture - GII; Informal  Group of the Italian Representative Offices in Brussels representing the Italian Research and Innovation community in Brussels- GIURI; Informal Group of  the  EU Research and Innovation  Liaison Offices in Brussels - IGLO and others).

ENEA contributes to the ascending phase of the definition of programs and legislative measures and acts at national and European level through the participation of its experts in committees and working groups, in touch with EU institutions through the Liaison Office in Brussels.

Policy support is ensured through constant contacts with the central and local Government at national and european level, and also thoseoperating within the Permanent Representation of Italy to European Union on national and European policies and local administrations  offices located in Brussels for regional funding initiatives. Such activities also holdindustrial interests represented by various trade associations operating in Brussels.